Friday, August 7, 2015

web-based hallucinations

You can pre-order ANIMAL CHATTER right this minute at the PLAZA RECORDS online shop for $10. after the album comes out on 9/11 you will have to pay $15 like every other regular john on the street. The choice is clear.
[cover art by Kelly Ahrens]
[photos by Bridget Ryan]

[empty dates are unconfirmed. hang tight. inquire via email to help:]
8 - CARBONDALE, IL - Hangar 9 w/ Staring Problem / Thee Mistakes
14 - MARION, IL - John Brown's on the Square
29 - CARBONDALE, IL - Turley Park

12 - PADUCAH, KY - JP's
17 - NASHVILLE, TN - Found Object
18 - KNOXVILLE, TN - Scruffy City Hall
19 - ATHENS, GA- Go Bar
20 - ASHEVILLE, NC - Lazy Diamond
23 - WASHINGTON, DC - The Beehive
24 - PHILADELPHIA, PA - The Nest
25 - NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - In The West
26 - NYC -
28 - CLEVELAND, OH - The Happy Dog
30 - BLOOMINGTON, IN - Crush Grove

2 - INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Joyful Noise  
3 - CARBONDALE, IL - Tres Hombres

Friday, July 10, 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

more songs about atmospheres and birds

Hi there,
We have a few shows coming up. We're shaking off the dust. 

TUES. MAY 12 - CARBONDALE, IL @ Skihaus (DB solo) w/ Kevin Seconds
FRI. MAY 15 - MARION, IL @ John Brown's on the Square w/ Arlin Peebles
FRI. MAY 22 - CARBONDALE, IL - Friday Night Fair (6pm)
SAT. JULY 11 - HERRIN, IL - HITTS (festival)

[more to come]

ALSO--our new album "ANIMAL CHATTER" will be out in August on Plaza Records and will be followed by a lengthy tour. Thought you might like to know.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Side Animals

Yoooo! Happy Valentine's Day to you lonely dukes and duchesses. Here's one for you: Plaza Records just released David's previously internet-only eps in cassette tape form. Here is a little promo video shot by our pal Josh Murphy in DB's attic studio, Jurassic Park. You can pick up a copy and check out the other Plaza releases HERE.

You can also listen to a track here:

Monday, January 12, 2015

pagan sunsets from the axis of the town.

Attempting to read Korean for a stranger. 

We have been keeping to ourselves since we got home from tour. We spent the first week of December in Chicago recording with the 9th Beatle, David Allen, at Observatory Studios. A new full length album rabbit-ed itself out of that hat. We're very happy with it. It's called ANIMAL CHATTER and it doesn't really sound like any of our other albums. Maybe that's a lie.

We're currently wrapping up sequencing and mastering. We'll have it for you in the spring. Until then, here are a few shows. We'll try out some of the new songs and you can tell us if you think it's all gone to Hell.

Thurs. 12 - Carbondale, IL @ Hangar 9 w/ Thelma and the Sleaze & Scifislands
Fri. 13 - Carbondale, IL @ Skihaus [FLACCID ON ACCID ART SHOW]
Sat. 21 - Paducah, KY @ Shandies w/ Leonard the Band
Tues. 24 - Evansville, IN @ PG w/ Otis the Destroyer 

Fri. 13 - Carbondale, IL @ Skihaus w/ Santah

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

a simple reiteration

Thurs. 2 - Carbondale, IL @ TRES HOMRES w/ The Flowers of Evil + Hans Predator
[Flowers' Dreamhead release show / Plaza Records PR-005]

Fri. 10 - Evansville, IN @ PG [9 pm]

[we'll also be playing / talking on the air at 3 pm: The Edge 90.7 fm / 829 am]
Sat. 11 - Murray, KY @ TERRAPIN STATION
Sun. 12 - Birmingham, AL @ THE NICK
Mon. 13 - Athens, GA @ GO BAR
Tues. 14 - walking the earth
Wed. 15 - Asheville, NC @ THE ODDITORIUM
Thurs. 16 - Washington DC @ THE COMMUNE
Fri. 17 - Philadelphia, PA @ THE NEST
Sat. 18 - New Brunswick, NJ @ CIRCUIT CITY

Sun. 19 - NYC @ CAKE SHOP
Mon. 20 - hard hangin and mean muggin in NYC 
Tues. 21 - Harrisburg, PA @ LITTLE AMPS [5 pm]
Fri. 24 - Bloomignton, IN @ THE BISHOP [midnight show]
Sat. 25 - Carbondale, IL @ SKIHAUS

Fri. 14 - John Brown's on the Square

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

* * * *

Back to creating our own reality.

Our plans for the rest of the year are simple: tour next month (more on that later), ward off panic attacks, finish a new full-length album, finally read Infinite Jest, destroy our enemies, raise our friends high, and listen to the grass grow.